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Backed by RCDD-Qualified Engineering Staff

National Structured Cabling
4Liberty designs and integrates low voltage copper and fiber cabling systems including:
  • Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Coaxial cable, twisted pair vertical and horizontal backbone cabling
  • All varieties  of telephone cabling, and
  • Both single- and multimode fiber (multistrand, loose-jacketed, tight buffered, gel-filled).

4Liberty's BICSI RCDD engineering staff will design racks and closets to code, to your requirements. We provide consistent quality and uniformity across multiple sites.

We design and integrate virtually all types of network peripheral equipment including: CCTV cameras, alarm systems, VoIP telephones, wireless access points, point of sale (POS) systems, and radio equipment. 

PA Systems
4Liberty professionals offer the experience and technical expertise to design a complete campus system that meets your unique requirements, and provide ongoing support for the life cycle of the system.

Multi-Site Customers
4Liberty offers the capability and capacity to support multi-site, multi-state integration efforts spanning the US and Canada.  Our national customers include complex, decentralized retail stores, major high-tech shopping malls, transportation providers, national non-profit corporations, and federal facilities.  

Logistics, Mass Roll Out and Deployment
Many of our integrated projects rely on our logistics and process control as well as our engineering design and installation capabilities.  Coordinating and executing this process flawlessly in 1,000 stores throughout the US and Canada presents a tremendous challenge.  4Liberty has a superb track record with large, complex, multi-site, full service deployments, combind with the logistical tools and geographical reach to maintain high quality, consistent results on a playing field that spans North America from the Mexican border to the Arctic Circle.