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Wi-Fi Installation Services
Wi-Fi installations are a major part of our core business. See National Structured Cabling

Wi-Fi Design Services and Surveys
Using the most advanced, comprehensive suite of design tools and software, we will survey your coverage areas, and assess your requirements.  All survey and design work is fully reviewed by a professional engineer in order to obtain the best survey results and ultimately the best deployment of capital assets.  We provide independent advice on equipment and physical layout, dependent on requirements, building construction and the local environment.  We find that the money spent on an independent survey nearly always pays for itself in terms of equipment saved, and gives a predictable result. 

Test and Troubleshooting
Many Wi-Fi networks operate at less than 100% efficiency. Often, things have changed - there is interference, there are more users, something is broken. We will place a technician or professional engineer on site, identify problems and recommend practical solutions.

Special Purpose Networks
We have created unique data networks and network designs serving many different purposes. Among the more common are:
  • point to point wireless bridges (data links)
  • telemetry links
  • non-802.11 radio networks
  • paging networks
Smart Grid
We work with major utilities on various aspects of Smart Grid design and deployment, including
  • Radio edge network design
  • Radio network architecture
  • Smart Meter EMC Issues
  • Communication system deployment strategies

Transportation Networks
We have provided systems engineering guidance on very large networks that integrate radio access with fixed point access over hundreds of nodes in high-reliability environments. Such networks run the full range of features across Layers 1 thru 4: RSTP, VRRP, VLANS, Trunking, ACLs, soft and hard hand-off, fiber and copper backbone connections, firewalls and mobile subnets.

Training Servcies
Engineering-level and technician-level training is provided. Non-standard courses are available on request and standard courses include:

  • Radio systems for IT managers
  • 802.11n field survey and design methods
  • New radio systems - 802.11n 802.11c and LTE

White Papers

Wi-Fi System Maintenance (pdf) discusses practical process for a comprehensive health check and creating accurate as-built information.